Fundamental Chemistry: Matter and Measurement

Master the foundational principles and problem-solving of chemistry.

A strong conceptual and problem-solving foundation makes an immense difference in how well you grasp further topics in chemistry; Fundamental Chemistry: Matter and Measurement will do just that for you.

The sections in the curriculum are as follows:

1) What is Chemistry: introducing atoms, the building blocks of chemistry.

2) Classifying Matter: understand matter classification by state and composition.

3) Properties of Matter: physical and chemical properties, physical and chemical changes, methods of separating mixtures.

4) Measurement: SI units, prefixes, volume and density calculations.

5) Significant Figures: the importance of significant figures in chemistry and how to properly use them.

6) Dimensional Analysis, or Factor-Label Method: cracking dimensional analysis into simple steps.

No prerequisite knowledge necessary to take this course!

This course is for any one looking to grasp the basics of chemistry while gaining mastery in important problem-solving skills. The level of the course content is applicable to high school, advanced placement chemistry, and introductory college chemistry. Those looking to refresh their fundamental knowledge and people completely new to chemistry will also be able to follow along without issues.

At the end of the course, you will be able to solve problems and grasp theoretical concepts in:

-Visualizing molecules through two types of molecular models

-Understanding the composition of matter

-Classifying matter by physical state

-Classifying matter by composition

-Understanding the different types of mixtures

-Separating mixtures based on their properties

-Comparing and contrasting physical and chemical properties

-Comparing and contrasting physical and chemical changes

-Following the rules of significant figures

-Using significant figures in calculations

-Rounding numbers appropriately

-Converting between a variety of SI units and prefixes

-Converting between Kelvin, Celsius, and Fahrenheit scales

-Using dimensional analysis to solve complicated problems

-Using density and volume conversions in dimensional analysis

-Using SI units and prefixes in dimensional analysis

In addition, you will be equipped with an intuitive way to solve problems which becomes a useful skill for chemistry and other sciences heavily versed in mathematics.

Class Curriculum

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